Emergency Shelter Programs

Our emergency shelter program houses up to 16 families in fully furnished, 2-bedroom apartments on our Rev. Tom Sanford campus in Hickory. Guests can apply for a one-time only opportunity to join our program and live rent and utility free for up to three or four months. Guests are subject to weekly home inspections to ensure they are abiding by all program rules and agreements. Guests meet with our Family Social Worker on a weekly basis to discuss finances, job and housing search and over all well-being. They are encouraged to save at least $75.00- $100.00 a week which we keep in a savings account on their behalf and will enable them to move into permanent housing.

Transitional Housing Program

Some of our guests who are exiting our Emergency Shelter Program need additional time to re-establish themselves. Whether due to prior evictions and needing to rebuild credit or lack of affordable housing in the area, they were finding it difficult to move forward. This program was created to allow for those guests to have additional time to work towards permanent housing. This allows Family Care Center to give a good reference when the guests eventually move forward. In either fully furnished 2-bedroom apartments or 3-bedroom houses throughout Catawba County, guests pay a monthly program fee which includes utilities and are encouraged to continue contributing to their savings that we hold on their behalf. Guests can stay in this program for up to 12 months and must be a current or past guest that has successfully completed our emergency Shelter Program. Once they leave our program we offer follow up services and share resources. Since 1988, 90% of our guests who complete our programs have moved forward into permanent housing.